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A Papier Mâchè

"...crumpled up, a papier mâchè, a shell with no name..."

A Papier Mâchè (Chelly)
26 September
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Date Created:2004-09-17
Number of Posts: 1,110

Chelly is an ever-changing person who continues to be the one constant in her friends' lives. She is a walking contridiction and will freely admit she can be hypocritical at times. She secretly likes attention and thinks hugs are rad.
Strengths: artistic, iron clad will, headstrong, well-expressed, perceptive, intelligent, compassionate, empathetic, and determined.
Weaknesses: stubborn, obsessive, hypocritical, obsessive, overly analytical, obsessive, and skewed.
Special Skills: Grapheme Synesthesia
Weapons: Skates

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Ahem! May I have your attention, please!
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Roller derby obsessed.
Rabidly pro-choice and anti-war.
Psychology buff.

Besides stating the obvious that I believe in peace, animal rights, equal rights for all genders, ethnicities, and sexual partnerships, I am very concerned about the failing sense of responsibility we have towards our own selves and our happiness. Perhaps because it's been a lifelong struggle for me, I worry that we choose drama, despair, helplessness, and stagnation over our pursuit of joy, expression, freedom, strength, and growth. I sincerely encourage everyone, including myself, to embrace what we love, what we want, and who we are.

And if that isn't a good enough answer, I also believe that time travel exists, but not in the way we wish it did. And I believe that chocolate is the most perfect food ever. The End.

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Dislikes:37: american idol, animal abuse, arrogance, bad grammar, bad music, being poor,bush, cake, child molestors, clones, clowns, cookies, eminem, fake people, fat, food, hate rap, hillary duff, idiots, intolerence, liars, mtv, net speak, oysters, phonies, pie, racism, rapists, reality shows, reality tv, red and yellow together, republicans, sexism, sluts, snobs, stupidity, u, ur, xenophobia,


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